Kids Valentine Cards + Handouts

January 11, 2017

Heads up buttercup- there are Amazon affiliate links in this post but I only post products I love that are at a great price.

Valentine’s Day is one of my kids’ favorite holidays and a great opportunity to teach them the art of gift giving (aren’t kids valentine cards the cutest?!). I let them help plan every aspect of their classroom Valentines from the colors and text on the cards to what type of “goodie” to give away with them. My daughter gets REALLY into it, she takes Valentines Day very seriously. She loves neatly signing her name on each card and double counting to make sure she has one for every single one of her friends. But every year we struggle with one thing-

Finding a gender neutral kids Valentine is hard!

I know it is going to be hard to top our sun glass Valentine’s from last year. These were a HUGE hit. They are the perfect non candy/food kids Valentine and sunglasses are something kids can use all year round! And yes, even the boys in her class loved them- something that isn’t easy for a holiday that is all PINK.

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I’m so excited to add these cards to my Etsy Shop for purchase this year. The sun glasses are not included but you can find some really cute (and really cheap!) ones on Amazon. Here are a couple of my favorites:

 Now to think of something fun for this year. Any suggestions?! I really like to stick with non candy options for kids Valentines. We’ve done bubbles and crayon Valentines in the past- maybe pencils this year? I’ve seen some really cute kids Valentines that come with bubble gum- is that considered candy if you don’t swallow it? 😉

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