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    How Much Do You Really Save with Amazon Prime?

    February 21, 2017

    Amazon Prime is, by far, the most rewarding membership we subscribe to. But exactly how much do you really save with Amazon Prime? Over the last year I’ve learned to really max out our Prime membership. Plus, as you’ll see towards the bottom of this post, I’ve even figured out how to get “paid” by Amazon to shop. Last year our family saved at least $257 with our membership and I expect those savings to be higher this year thanks to my new found love of services like Subscribe and Save in addition to Amazon Family.

    Heads up buttercup- there are affiliate links sprinkled within this article. However, all thoughts an opinions are 100% my own and I do love me some Amazon Prime.

    Here are the top ways to save time and money with Amazon Prime:

    1. Subscribe and Save / Amazon Family

    I recently just signed up for my first Subscribe and Save item. I am kicking myself for not utilizing this service sooner. It is a simple solution that saves both your time and money on items you need on an ongoing basis. Think diapers, wipes, toilet paper…even coffee, hand soap and pet food. The more items you add to your subscription, the more you will save! And shipping is always free.

    My current subscribe and save subscription is overnight undies for my preschooler. I have them delivered every other month and save $5.42 on EVERY box. I’m planning on adding toilet paper and paper towels for our next delivery.

    Amazon Subscribe and Save benefits, how much do you really save with amazon prime

    Hold on though…you don’t actually need to be a Prime member to utilize subscribe and save (although you can deeper discounts by being one). However,  you DO need a Prime membership to take advantage of a service called Amazon Family. Being a member gives you 20% off diaper subscriptions (which is another way I save so much on those overnights).

    But how much do you really save with Amazon Prime? Well if you just had a baby you can expect to spend around $65-85 dollars a month on diapers. Let’s take the low end and say $65/month which equals $780 per year. If you utilize Amazon Family’s subscribe and save service you’ll save $156 on diapers during your baby’s first year. You can also save big on baby food, formula and wipes via their coupons. If you are curious to see how this would work for you, join the Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial to see which products/brands your family uses the most are included.



    Amazon Family benefits, how much do you really save with amazon prime


    The reason I didn’t pull the trigger on subscribe and save/Amazon Family sooner is because I easily forget things and don’t like to manage subscriptions. I figured I’d end up having a stock pile of products I didn’t need because I didn’t have time to update my deliveries. But Amazon makes it incredibly easy to review and update the items on your subscribe and save list. You can skip deliveries with no penalty, set them up weekly, monthly, bimonthly…etc. Need your item sooner that you thought? No biggie- just click the “Need this item right now” link and check out. After that, Amazon will ask if you need to change your delivery schedule.


    Amazon subscribe and save benefits, how much do you really save with amazon prime


    2. Amazon Prime Pantry

    Prime Pantry is nice for some of the items I can’t find at my local grocer. It’s also GREAT for someone that lives in a small town with no quick access to a super store.

    So what is Prime Pantry? Think an online convenient store. You can buy everything from soda to shampoo and cereal to toothpaste. You fill a “box” with items (up to 45 pounds) and that box ships 2 day for $5.99. But wait! If you buy any 5 items from their “selected items” list, your entire box ships for free. I’ve ordered through pantry several times and have never had trouble qualifying for the free shipping. Usually I add a few low cost items that quality me for free shipping like hand soap, toothpaste, deodorant (things I know I’ll need but always forget to stock up on).

    I typically shop Prime Pantry BEFORE I go to the grocery store- there is a spot where you can sort through products that have coupons and a sales section- many times I find those prices are cheaper than Walmart or even Costco. You can try Prime Pantry free with any Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

    BONUS– Did you know Prime members can earn Panty credits just by shopping on Amazon? You get “paid” to shop for things you were going to buy anyway! Check out #9 (below) to learn more about this sweet deal.


    Prime pantry benefits, how much do you really save with amazon prime


    3. Amazon Fresh

    Amazon Fresh basically assures you will never have to leave your house ever again. Consider Amazon Pantry as the “pantry” or dry ingredients/cosmetic and bath sections of a store, and Fresh as the produce, fridge/freezer departments. Between the two services you have an entire grocery store, only you don’t have fight for a good spot in the parking lot while it’s raining or wait in a long checkout line.

    I personally have not used this service but have a few friends that have been happy with it. You have to add another membership to your Prime account- $14.99/month to be able to order from Fresh (unfortunately I can’t find a free trial for you guys). All Fresh orders over $40 deliver free and same day delivery is available. So if you use the last of the eggs at breakfast, you can place an order and they are delivered by dinner time.

    Fresh is a great service if you don’t have a decent organic selection at your local store, for those that can’t get out of their home easily (new parents, elderly or someone recovering from surgery/an injury) or if you are like me and just really hate grocery shopping in stores. I cruised through the Amazon Fresh inventory to compare prices to our local store on things I buy weekly and I’ve found Amazon’s prices to be very competitive.


    Amazon Fresh benefits, how much do you really save with amazon prime

    4. Prime Music

    This has changed. my. life. I discovered Prime Music last year and have not paid for a single song/album on iTunes since. Not only can you stream music but you can download what you love via the Amazon Music app and listen to it anywhere without streaming. They also have a great list of radio stations and you can customize the playlist with their “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” feature (similar to Pandora). Sign up for the Amazon Prime + Music 30-day Free Trial to check out their music catalog and start listening.

    Amazon Music, how much do you really save with amazon prime Amazon Music, how much do you really save with amazon prime

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