Unique Baptism Gifts

June 26, 2018

A friend recently asked me if I had any baptism gift ideas and I drew a blank! I think baptism/christening gifts are tough because it’s hard to find a gift that can be not only be cherished but actually used. I think you’ll find these 10 products not only adorable, but practical and something your special little one will appreciate even as they grow. Many of these items are handmade but there are a few Amazon finds in there for you last minute shoppers.

Heads up buttercup- this post contains affiliate links to products I adore.

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10 Unique Baptism Gifts

1. Keepsake Box: by HandmadeGiftIdeas on Etsy. There are a lot of keepsake box options out there but this one stands out from the crowd. They have a ton of options in the shop, even some blue and gray for the boys. I love the divider options you can add to turn the boxes into accessory holders while they kids are little- then gather keepsakes in them as they grow.

2. Growth Chart: by CornelDawn on Etsy. This shop has several cute keepsake picture frames but baby will probably get several of those as baptism gifts. This growth chart comes in several colors and is so sweet. Make sure to grab a pretty marker like this one to go with it.

3. Custom Peg Family: by TwoWildOlives on Etsy. This shop owner is so talented and these peg dolls are just precious. Have one peg made for baby or include the whole family!

4. Piggy Bank: by PIGZstore on Etsy. This is not your average piggy bank. I love the sleek, modern design and the pigs come in many different colors. But my favorite thing about this bank is that you can personalize the inside of the snout with a special message.

5. Personalized Baby Spoon: by SycamoreHill on Etsy. Ok so you probably aren’t going to feed baby with this spoon but you can certainly start them on a pretty awesome spoon collection. Have the baby’s name and baptism date hand stamped on a beautiful spoon and you’ve got a sweet and thoughtful baptism gift.

6. Noah’s Ark Wooden Toy:  on Amazon. If you are in a pinch, Amazon can save the day with this one. You can’t go wrong with a Noah’s Ark toy and this one is wood which means it will last for years.

7. Name Puzzle: by OnWoodLT on Etsy. Kids LOVE wood puzzles! You can engrave the back of the puzzle with a special message and customize the colors to match little one’s room.

8. Kids Bible: on Amazon. My kids got several bibles for their baptisms but this one is by far their favorite. Both kids and adults can appreciate the way the story is written, plus the illustrations are gorgeous.

9. Painted Ornament: by CreationsbyKT on Etsy. I love that this shop owner hand paints an image of the church baby will be baptized in. This gift can be brought out every Christmas and help start little one’s ornament collections for when they are older.

10. Art Print: by ThePrintAnnex on Etsy. This gender neutral print has a beautiful message for a newly baptized child. Plus the print can stick around even after the nursery is updated because the artwork is timeless.


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