Best Gifts for First Grade Girls

February 28, 2017

We celebrated my daughter’s 7th birthday in December. It seems like buying for my kids gets hard as they get older. And now she’s at the age where she’s being invited to birthday parties and we are buying for friends. It’s so fun to watch her get excited about a friend’s party, but I always get stuck with what to bring for a gift- what are the best gifts for first grade girls?!

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gifts for first grade girls


Best Gifts for First Grade Girls

If an effort to make my life easier I spent some time creating a great go-to list of gifts under $20 that I could quickly grab from Amazon (and a few from Etsy) when she gets invited to a party. Most of these gifts are appropriate for girls ages 6-9 and some even beyond!


gifts for first grade girls

Arts and Crafts

  1. Aqua Beads Starter Kit: Aqua bead kits don’t take up much room but provide hours of fun. My 7 year old can get her kit out and do this craft 100% by herself which makes things easy for me too! Storage and refill sets are also reasonably priced.
  2. Personalized Pencil Case: Pottery Barn is one of my favorite places to buy the kids’ lunch boxes and book bags because they are super durable. This pencil case is adorable, customization and the handles make it easy to tote around.
  3. Shoelace Crafting Set: There are several different activities in this craft kit, plus some great shoelace options!
  4. Peel and Press Craft: We love all Melissa & Doug’s crafts but I think these are a new favorite. There are over 650 small stickers in this mosaic and an easy to read “stick” by number system.
  5. Scented Gel Pens: Girls love doodling and writing with these fun pens. These are great in addition to a journal (see #8)!
  6. Window Sticker Art: This kit is a blast! There are lots of fun shapes and it’s an easy craft that a first grader can do on her own.
  7. Shrinky Dinks: My kids love watching these guys shrink in the oven.
  8. Diary/Journal: This specific book is rated really well on Amazon. It’s loaded with activities as opposed to just a blank journal. A fun way for a girl to learn while using her own creativity.
  9. Sewing Kit: We purchased this kit for my daughter at Christmas. It comes in a sturdy tin so the activities are easy to pick up and put away. There are enough supplies to create several cute animals and my daughter loves that she has her own sewing kit complete with pins, a cushion and little scissors.


gifts for first grade girls

Sports and Outdoor

  1. Gardening Kit: This kit would be a great gift to pair with gardening gloves. My daughter loves to help me pull weeds and plant. This kit makes her feel like she has her own supplies. I it makes me happy because I don’t have to share when I’m trying to get work done!
  2. Personalized Backpack Tag: These backpack tags are not only great for school bags but for lunch totes or sports bags. I know my daughter loves getting personalized gifts with her name on them which brings me to…
  3. Personalized Water Bottle: Again, great for school or sports! And how cute is that little seahorse?
  4. Tote Bag: My daughter loves having her own bags to take to the pool or to pack for road trips. This “hi” bag would also make a cute dance or gymnastics bag.
  5. Fairy Garden Kit: We created our first little fairy garden last year and it was a huge hit with both my kids. They loved to catch caterpillars and put them in the garden to play. This kit is already to go for a quick and unique gift.
  6. Bike Saddle Bag: I’m finding that not all “big kid” bikes come with cute storage bags but my daughter still likes to pick up treasures on rides. This bag fits right in the middle of the bike and has two sides for plenty of storage.


gifts for first grade girls


  1. Shopkins: I honestly do not get it but kids go crazy for these things. I will say they don’t take up much room in our toy bins and don’t make noise. I guess they have that going for them!
  2. Slamwich: You guys, this might be one of my favorite games ever. Yes it’s for kids. No I don’t care. I’m not even sure how to describe the game- it is just fast paced fun. Don’t be surprised when your kids beat you, you have to be quick!
  3. Barbie: My daughter isn’t a huge Barbie fan but she does like this one because she can turn into a fairy or mermaid. The hard plastic shells make the accessories easy to put on or take off.
  4. Doll Kitchen Accessories: American Girl dolls are all the rage but their accessories can be so expensive. This cute kitchen set is the perfect size for any 18″ doll and won’t break the bank.
  5. Lego Friends: You can never go wrong with Legos and they have plenty of sets available for under $25.
  6. GoldieBlox and the Parade Float: This box set comes with a book and pieces to build a float along with the story. I can’t say enough great things about this brand. They teach girls that you can be smart and creative!


first grade girl gifts

Spa, Hair and Accessories

  1. Bobby Slides: As my daughter gets older, bobby pins and clips have taken place of big bows and headbands. This set is cute without being to “baby”.
  2. Lip Gloss Maker: This lip gloss kit is all non toxic so you don’t have to worry about how much your daughter is slathering on. My daughter loves to pretend she is an inventor with kits like this.
  3. Nail Polish: There are a few princesses available with this Disney themed nail polish. Perfect for fans who still love that Disney magic.
  4. Jewelry Box: Girls always have “treasure” in their pockets which makes a jewelry box a great gift for little collectors.
  5. Glitter Tattoo Kit: I’m going to admit that I have just as much fun with this kit as my daughter. Glitter tattoos seem to last longer and my daughter likes that she can “decorate” her own tattoo with glitter colors of her choice.
  6. Purse: My girl loves purses and this unicorn cross body cracks me up. There are several other animals available so be sure to check out the link.
  7. Charm Bracelet Maker: I like this charm bracelet set actually makes cute jewelry (no tiny plastic rainbow beads!). The bracelets don’t look as cheesy as they do in some other sets for this age.

Have any other suggestions for first grade girls? Just comment below and I’ll be sure to add them to the list!

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    I love the idea of giving the kids (and adults) experiences as gifts! Creating special memories is the best kind of gift. We usually do a house decluttering and donations before the holidays to prepare. I’m definitelly using some of your ideas for inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

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