10 Adult Pool Floats Under $25

June 15, 2018

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, pool floats are transforming into amazing objects. Gone are the days of plain old neon rectangles or solid colored tubes – if your pool float game is weak you might as well stay at home. Not sure you want to spend $150 on a larger than life swan to help you float through life? That’s ok, me either. So I created this list of pool floats for adults (and kids if they can handle how amazing these are) ALL under $25. Show up to your community pool with #9 and no one is going to mess with you.

Heads up buttercup- this post contains affiliate links to products I adore.

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10 Adult Pool Floats Under $25

1. Pizza Slice: Amazon. I’m a firm believer that nothing is more practical than a pizza slide shaped pool float. It’s the perfect fit for everyone, even if you don’t like pepperoni.

2. Hot Dog: Amazon. No one will be able to keep a straight face when you float by on this dog.

3. Bomb Pop: Amazon. Bomb pops are a symbol of summer so you can’t go wrong with a pool float shaped like one.

4. Watermelon: Amazon. If you are worried about being embarrassed by an obnoxiously shaped pool float, this watermelon tube is perfect for you. It’s cute but discrete.

5. Pineapple: Amazon. This one will have you craving some pina coladas!

6. Avocado: Amazon. Avocados are so popular right now, why not relax with one in the pool?

7. Cactus: Amazon. I saw a lot of adorable cactus shaped floats out there but this one made the list because it comes with 3 floating drink holders shaped like a watermelon, lemon and lime. Come on.

8. Sugar Skull: Amazon. I’m a huge fan of sugar skulls so obviously this needed to be seen. I personally am grabbing at least one of these for my fall vacation to Mexico. I’m in love.

9.  Black Swan: Amazon. Nothing says “don’t splash me” like a floating black swan. Seriously, no one is going to mess with you when you are cruising down the lazy river in this thing.

1o. Rose: Target. This one is for all the moms with kids at home this summer. Grab a real glass of Rose and float away to paradise ladies. Cheers to summer!



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