Welcome New Neighbors with the Perfect Housewarming Gifts

January 24, 2017
Heads up buttercup- this post includes affiliate links but I only recommend products I love from vendors I trust.

About 18 months ago we moved from the mid west to the east coast for my husband’s job. It was a huge and exhausting move- at the time my kids were 5 and 2.5 years old and we moved in the middle of summer. When we got here it was hot, everyone was crabby and we were drowning in cardboard boxes in a new town where we knew not a single soul. The day after our movers left a neighbor from down the street came to introduce himself with his daughter and handed us the sweetest housewarming gift basket with kitchen utensils, a candle and dish towels. He also had plenty of recommendations for food, shopping and a church- I am so thankful they came down to say hello that day.

Our neighborhood is mostly new construction and our home is on the edge of the less developed part which means our closest neighbor on one side is 3 lots down. We’ve been enjoying all the open space over the last 18 months but I can not tell you how excited I was when I saw the builder smack a “SOLD” side up on the lot next door last fall. We are getting new neighbors!

Fast forward several months and their home is almost finished. Unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to meet the new guys but based on the progress of their construction, they should be moving in over the next month or two. I want to make them feel as welcome as we did when we first got here so I’ve been working on a little housewarming gift for them.

housewarming gift

Putting together the gift basket was simple when I thought about the things we needed when we moved in. Before the moving truck got here we had NOTHING. No toilet paper, no hand soap, no way to wipe down counters and no idea where to get food. I wanted our gift welcoming our new neighbors to be both beautiful and functional and that’s how I came up with…

housewarming gift basket

The best items to include in a housewarming gift basket:

  1. Dish towels (you can find a similar set here)
  2. Hand soap (Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender is my favorite)
  3. KIND granola bars
  4. Grocery list notepad (the one pictured is from my Etsy shop)
  5. Succulent
  6. Several take out menus from local restaurants

I drew a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and wanted to share a few other adorable housewarming gift ideas I found along the way:

DIY Playbook’s Housewarming Gift in a Jar

The lovely ladies at DIY Playbook created this beautiful gift in a jar. They also included Mrs. Meyer’s soap in Basil (another one of my favorites– it smells so fresh!) but a few new ideas are the paint dipped wooden spoons, mini champagne bottle, Magic Erasers and a few other odds and ends for the home. Their post features several free printable gift tags that are perfect for including with a housewarming gift.

Housewarming Gift Jar

Family Bites’ Ice Cream Sundae Kit

Jan at Family Bites put this diy sundae gift basket together for friends but I think it would make a really fun housewarming gift if you knew the family receiving it had kids. Include a pint of vanilla ice cream and this kit is good to go!

DIY sundae kit - Housewarming gift

Art Print via Emma and the Bean

So many housewarming prints require a family’s last name but if you are gifting to a new neighbor, you don’t always have that information. I love this art print by Lisa at Emma and the Bean because you can give it to new neighbors without necessarily knowing anything about them. Just type their address into a site like Google Maps to get the GPS coordinates and let Lisa design the perfect piece of wall art.

Housewarming Gift Home Sign

Customized Art Print by Fox and Scout Designs

Paige at Fox and Scout Designs does a beautiful job on her custom home illustrations.  These make lovely keepsakes, I think it would be fun to have one from each home we’ve lived in. This would make a great gift for a first time home owner.

Custom House Print - Housewarming gift

K.LeeDecor’s Wooden Coasters

These gold dipped wooden coasters by Kristen at K.LeeDecor are so fun and neutral enough to give to anyone as a housewarming gift. They would also be perfect to include in any beverage themed gift basket.

Handmade Hexagon Coasters - Housewarming gift

Houston Mom’s Blog‘s Quick and Easy Housewarming Gift Basket

housewarming gift basket

This gift basket is simple, beautiful and would be a piece of cake to put together. I love the way Kelly wrapped each of the dish towels. And if you haven’t caught on to the trend- Mrs. Meyers hand soap is the best on the planet and a must include item in, well, any basket. Haha!

Grocery List Notepad by Tiny Dreams Designs

And of course I have to throw my grocery list notepads in the mix! I mentioned it in my housewarming gift above but wanted to share another picture. Who couldn’t use a cute notepad to organize that first big grocery store run after moving?

Grocery list notepad - housewarming gift

Do you have a go to housewarming gift? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the best housewarming gift you’ve given or received!


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