Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers – Get Them While They’re Hot

February 3, 2017

For some of us, coffee makes the world go round. My husband is a bit like Will Ferrell’s character in Kicking and Screaming. In the last 7 years he’s gone from “coffee smells good but I don’t like the taste” to “I’m going down to the basement to roast my own coffee because no one makes it strong enough”. If you have a coffee obsessed friend or loved one, I have the perfect “gifts for coffee lovers guide” for you (some recommendations are from the coffee king of our house himself).

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Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

  1. But First, Coffee Tee – Know someone that can’t do anything before their first cup of coffee? This unisex tee from WeekendzOnly Apparel is for them.
  2. 16 oz Glass Coffee Mug – Glass coffee mugs are beautiful but aren’t always well reviewed because they can get too hot to hold. This glass by Elixir Glassware is double walled and has great reviews on Amazon. Many reviewers state that not even the handle gets hot making this the perfect mug. Plus it holds 16 ounces which means fewer refills!
  3. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker – My husband just purchased one of these and he swears it makes the best coffee. I don’t think he’s used our Keurig or Mr. Coffee brewer one time since he tried the AeroPress. It’s compact enough for him to take to work and easy to use- your coffee is done in less than a minute! This is great for someone that works in an office without a coffee maker.
  4. Dino Creamer Server – Because who doesn’t need an adorable porcelain creamer server shaped like a dinosaur?
  5. Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker – This cold brew pitcher has great reviews, a sleek design and will store fresh cold brewed coffee for up to two weeks (but let’s be honest, it won’t last that long).
  6. Handmade, Reusable Coffee Cozy – M’Lady Collections’ handmade coffee cozys are as functional as they are cute. She has multiple styles available in her shop but the fox is my favorite. Help your favorite coffee lover go green- these are great to keep in the car or at the office for coffee runs.
  7. Coffee Gator Air Tight Storage Canister – Any coffee lover knows how important it is to keep beans properly stored. This air tight, stainless steel container has a built in dial calendar so you know exactly when fresh beans are placed inside. Coffee Gator is also offering a free mini canister, coffee ebook and scoop with purchase!
  8. Stainless Steel Coffee Stir Sticks – These are perfect for entertaining and double as cocktail stirrers. No more running out of actual spoons!
  9. Contigo travel mug – Contigo’s travel mugs come in a variety of colors and are spill proof. I have a coffee mug plus a few water bottles from them- none of them have leaked a single drop and they are all dishwasher safe. My coffee stays hot for hours and the limited edition matte finish on some of their colors is really nice.
  10. Automatic Burr Mill – This fancy coffee grinder is worth every penny. A burr grinder gives your beans a more uniform grind/texture which means better flavors. You can choose how fine you want your grind to be and let the machine do the rest.
  11. Coffee Grinder Brush and Scoop – It is important to regularly clean and maintenance your coffee grinders but they are a huge pain to clean. This brush has long, sturdy bristles to get those hard to reach places and the set also comes with a free ebook- “10 Hacks for Better Coffee”.
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