Gifts for Preschool Boys

April 25, 2018

Shopping gift ideas for preschool boy gifts is a challenge. It seems like there are so many cute ideas for girls but not as much for boys. Limit your price range to under $25 and forget about it. Surely I’m not the only one that feels this way! Fear not, I’ve pulled a few of my son’s favorite gifts that aren’t obnoxious or train themed. (We are seriously over trains in my house).

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Gifts for Preschool Boys


Best Gift Ideas for Preschool Boys – Under $25

  1. Classic Lego Kit: No child can ever have too many Legos. Let their imagination run wild with a classic kit.
  2. Magformers Tile Set: My kids absolutely love these. They are great for building fine motor skills.
  3. Star Wars Set: This set is from Rogue One and comes with ships and a few people. Every boy needs at least one Star Wars toy!
  4. Playmobil Pirate Set: Playmobil has some of the most adorable toy sets. They are a little more expensive than other sets but you can not beat the quality. I’m always impressed by the little details on these sets, this one comes with a shooting cannon and pirate treasure.
  5. Hot Wheels Super Speed Race: This set is great because it isn’t super bulky and you can use it alone or with additional sets. My son loves to race his cars!
  6. BB-8 Walkie Talkies: Walkie Talkies are one of those things that make a preschooler feel like big kid. Don’t forget the batteries, your little guy will want to play with these right out of the box!
  7. Kids Watch: Another gift that seems small but that makes kids feel so big.
  8. Minion PlayDoh Kit: As a parent, you either love or you hate PlayDoh. But this kit is small enough that it is easy to store, kids love Minions and using scissors so that’s why this one made the list.
  9. Captain America Headphones: Kids safe headphones are a great gift for little travelers.
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